Monday, 21 January 2013

Summer Holidays!

Summer Holidays are still here. We've been busy with three kids at home and keeping everyone entertained! In the beginning of the holidays we did a road trip to Sydney and drove back via the beautiful Saphire Coast and Gippsland. Here is my favourite holiday snap, taken at Bondi Beach:
Other than the road trip, we have enjoyed quiet days at home and done many a visit to different parks. Today we did visit the lovely Thomas Park in Sandrigham. It is such a great spot for location photos too with the whole family or kids, I must keep that in mind for future!

My little 2 y/o!

My gorgeous little 2 year old has always been my fav model. She is always smily and happy to pose, and more importantly, happy to be photographed when she's playing, digging, drawing, eating, living her life! Lately, however, she has developed a bit of a temper and loves to have her opinion out loud, especially when it is a strong opinion of what she doesn't like or doesn't want! I have however, noticed, that it helps when she gets to choose that she is being photographed, when I give her notice, when she is rested and with full tummy and when I part-take in her activity. Here's her on our road trip to Sydney, in the midst of her activities by the kitchen table<3